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Hi, I am Radhika, a graphic designer and illustrator from Mumbai, living in Copenhagen. This blog is an amalgamation of all my trivial thoughts, random observations, accidental experiences and my most current art project that keep my idle mind occupied. Most of which, may seem inconsequential to others but brings great joy to me, hence  ‘quite unnecessary*’.

You can write to me at radhika.ganju@gmail.com to know more about my latest art project.

{Unless stated, all photos / illustrations here are my original artworks. Feel free to re-blog it but please link back to this page. Thank you!}


7 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. Love this.. love the way you write.. cant wait to keep up with you in one more way! Which is really quite unnecessary but brings me great joy!!! :) xx

  2. Hi, Bumped into your blog while searching for wedding invites and loved your work. Would like to get in touch with you to discuss a piece of work. Can I please have your contact email?

  3. Hi Radhika,
    I am a friend of Janvi’s. My name is Kruti. I saw your art work hanging in her office and really liked it. I am interested I looking at some more of your pieces. Lets exchange emails and try and meet when you are in Bombay next.

    1. Thank you so much Kruti :) I will get in touch with you when I am in Bombay next. I haven’t been very regular in posting my new work here, but keep an eye out maybe one day (hopefully very soon) new stuff will pop up here :)

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